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You can never go wrong with black and white! Here is a roundup of all of the B & W I’m lusting over!

Fuzzy black cardigan: Super chic and comfy as hell

Fuzzy midi dress: clearly i’m into all things fuzzy and cozy right now. V into this midi dress. I saw it last year and now it is over 50% off. NEED.

Jade roller:  I have been wanting one for quite some time to add into my skincare routine

Microneedling roller: Also think this would be a skincare routine game changer

Hydrating face mist: I started using retin-A and my face is dry/flakey as hell. I’m dreaming of all things hydrating

Black booties: total basic, but the pointed toe is V chic

Black leggings with white stripe: I’m loving the B & W stripe trend. I may just have to get both the leggings and jeans!

Black jeans with white stripe: LOVE and not too expensive either

African mudcloth pillows: wanting these for either the family room couch or our bedroom. Or maybe both?

Layered gold necklace: You can never have enough gold necklaces, am I right?

Blue light blocking glasses: With sitting in front of a screen all day at work and coming home to work on blog/business stuff… I HAVE TO have these. Honestly where have they been all my life?


Chat soon,

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