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(A peek at the first henna brow I did this week! before – during – after!)

So, esthetics school?

How did all of this come about? Well, it’s been a huge passion of mine for quite some time now. I have tried so many different services over the years; facials, chemical peels, microblading, eyelash extensions, henna brow tinting, threading, waxing, laser hair removal, derma planning, the list goes on. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure. Trying these services is incredibly fun for me.

Not only do I love getting to try all of these things, I am also insanely passionate about clean skincare. While I was in college I started getting into cleaner alternatives and have been hooked ever since. That goes for all of my skincare, personal care, and even household cleaning products. You get the gist. I want to be able to offer services and products that are safe for your body.

On top of loving this ever evolving field, pursuing this will allow me to have time freedom and the ability to make my own schedule. This used to not matter quite as much to me, but as I get older, it is SO important to me. Brennan and I don’t live near any family, so I want to be able to travel and see them whenever we want. Also, would like to be able to work around Brennan’s schedule so we can get to spend a day together during the week as we choose. Even more, in a couple years when we have babies (god willing), I want to be able to have a flexible schedule to ensure I can still work and spend time with the babes.

Going back to school hasn’t been the easiest thing, to be honest. I hate sitting somewhere all day long and quite frankly don’t enjoy having to read textbooks and take tests. Though, I am fortunate enough to be interested in the material, which helps a bunch. The program duration is only a little over 6 months, so I know the graduation date will be here before I know it.

I would seriously LOVE to know your favorite aesthetic services you have tried and which services you would like to try! I cannot tell you how excited I am to go to weekend courses and earn certificates for specific services I want to offer after I am licensed!

I hope you enjoyed this little update! Have an amazing Sunday!

Chat soon,

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