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I can’t  believe I actually just typed the title of this blog post. It honestly feels like yesterday that I had this little idea to start a blog. And I totally went for it (I can’t imagine if I wouldn’t have). But you know, I’m a total all or nothing kind of gal. I love being able to share fashion, food, clean beauty products, or honestly whatever the eff I’m into at the moment. For the longest time I’ve had a passion for fashion and home decor and truly enjoyed helping family and friends put together outfits and style rooms. When we moved into our house, I started to post my outfits and home decor on IG and began to get quite a few messages asking where things were from. The idea to start a blog had been in my head for some time and around February of last year I decided that I was going to go for it. Honestly, I have never looked back.

So, here’s how it all got started…

The most crucial first step- branding. I love branding so that part was SO fun for me. I then took said branding to my amazing web designer (Hi, Tatum!) and she made all my website dreams come true. We carefully strategized the entire site to be user friendly and on brand. As the website was coming together, I began writing blog posts. I knew I wanted to launch the site with a few blog posts live so that readers would be able to read more than just one blog post. And more importantly, I wanted to give readers an idea of what type of content they would be getting from my blog. I am pretty sure I launched with 5 or 6 live posts.


Here are a few questions I often get via DM:

Q: How did you launch your website?

A: I honestly just made it happen. When I am into something I can stay up all hours of the day and night focusing on it. I knew what I wanted and already had all of the branding ready when I went to Tatum (my web designer), so we were able to do it in a timely manner!

Q: Who did your branding and website?

A: I did my own branding (because I’m really passionate about it and knew exactly what I wanted). If you are indecisive or not the super creative type I would totally hire this out. It’s a crucial part that has to be done right.

As for the website, Tatum, the owner of Brandt Creative Co. designed it! She is amazing!

Q: How do you edit your pictures? Do you use a preset?

A: I don’t use a preset. To each their own, but I feel like presets look too edited for what I’m going for. I want my feed to be cohesive and for you to be able to know its on brand, but not over edited. Instead, I use an app called VSCO and typically use the filter A6 and turn down the exposure and up the saturation.

I officially launched the blog on March 21, 2018. Almost 70 blog posts later and I’m still here! It was one of the best choices I made and it genuinely makes me really happy. I’m proud of this little thing I’ve built over the past year. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you so much for reading my posts and following along on this crazy journey. I hope you love reading them as much as I love writing them. (ahhh why tf am I getting emotional while typing this. Yikes, Tara pull it together!) Thank you for loving things I post and using my links to buy the items you like! I do make a small commission when you shop through my links and I’m so amazed at how supportive y’all are. I love hearing when you have ordered something I suggested and love it. Those messages seriously make my day.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Here’s to another amazing year!

Chat soon,

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