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It has been all too long since I last wrote a blog. Brennan asked me the other night “When was the last time you wrote a blog?” and it REALLY hit me. So here I am, back at it. Quite honestly, I just took on too much at one time, and I’m totally okay to admit that. I love to be doing a million different things at once, but for a while I just had too much going on.

I am here to give you a little life update today! The last few months have been a whirlwind. SO insanely crazy, but incredibly amazing. Alright, here goes!

  1. I quit my “office” job at the beginning of summer and decided to pick up more freelance work, and nanny for the summer. Let me tell you, it was a REALLY good summer.
  2. I started a photography business! I have loved taking photos for some time now and thought it would be another creative outlet for me. It has been so rewarding delivering amazing pictures to clients. I have dabbled in a little bit of everything from family sessions, senior portraits, newborn sessions, and more. Go check it out on IG here!
  3. I got engaged! Just about 7 years later, he popped the question and it was so perfect. Just us, in the venue we have been talking about getting married for years now! Get ready for all the wedding planning behind the scenes!
  4. I am starting Esthetics school on Tuesday! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this! I have been passionate about skin and beauty for years and now I am getting to live out this passion of mine. I have tried so many beauty and skin treatments myself over the years and I can’t wait to be able to perform them on others soon. The schooling is just a little over six months!
  5. Wedding planning is in full swing. Let me tell you, this shit is no joke. Its a full-time job. Kidding, but kind of not kidding. The vibe I’m going for is so me, and obviously all neutral, ha!

Wow. Well that’s pretty much what I have been up to! I sure am ready to get back in the swing of this whole blogging thing!

Chat soon,

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