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One of my sweet blogger friends, @hannahkerr started a blog series similar to this and a light bulb instantly went off in my head. I wanted to do my take on it and share any tips or tricks to help you along the way! This series will be raw, real, and insightful, especially for any gal in her 20’s. I’ll be chatting money, health, jobs, love life, and more.

The expectations, the questions, the pressure… it can get to you. I will go ahead and say, I have always had more of an “old soul”, so growing up and letting go of the college/partying phase wasn’t particularly difficult for me. If we’re being honest, I would much rather cook dinner and do my thing at home than go out at night. Nonetheless, the stresses of being an adult can really get to you sometimes.

There are expectations for your life to be aligned with the “typical timeline”of events, when in fact we are all SO different and need to do things when they feel right for us. Everyone’s timeline is different. The questions arise: when are you getting married, when are you having kids, did you buy a house yet, what about that Roth IRA… did you open one yet? Let me make one thing very clear… what “they” say DOESN’T matter. There is not a timeline that works for everyone in life, nor should there be. You have to learn to just do what makes you happy, when it makes you happy! There is only one of you, and that is your power!



Get rid of the expiration date… set goals, not time limits! It’s easy to say I want to be married by 26, have kids by the time I’m 28, build a house by 30. It gets exhausting to me. Right now I’m just living in the moment enjoying whats going on right now. You best believe I still dream up Pinterest boards for my wedding, future family, and house, but I’m not focusing on WHEN they will happen. Because after all, they will happen on God’s time, not mine!

A few things I’ve done along the way:

  1. Set goals NOT time limits: get out a notebook and write down your goals. However big or small they may be. Then write what you will do to get there (the most important part)!
  2. Make hidden Pinterest boards with images to inspire you to reach your goals. Keeping them private makes it more special and personal. It’s your very own digital vision board!
  3. When people ask questions, don’t take it personally: They honestly are probably just trying to keep a conversation going and don’t mean any harm by it. Personally, this has never bugged me too much, but for a lot of people I know they can easily get hurt when asked questions about “when” they are doing something.


What topic would you like to see next in this series?? I hope you all have a great weekend!

Chat soon,

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