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Every day I try and make sure I am making choices that will benefit my health. I have habits in place that feel like clockwork- these things are now just a part of my daily routine. Although, at one point they definitely were not. Once you do something everyday for a few weeks, it just becomes a habit. I am not a fan of fad-diets, cleanses, or any intense, short-term health plan. I really do believe that being healthy is a choice you make everyday. You shouldn’t have to think much about it once you do it for a little while.

With this being said, I am a FIRM believer in balance. I try and eat healthy most of the time, but I don’t mind indulging in s’mores, ice cream, fries, or any treat from time to time. I eat out a couple times a week, but typically choose a soup/salad combo or something somewhat nutritious. But like I said… balance. There are times when I will go for the fried chicken sandwich when I want it.

Here are a few healthy habits I have in place everyday to keep on track:

  1. DRINK A GLASS OF WATER WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND WHEN YOU GO TO BED- this habit is so easy to start and makes a huge difference in how you feel. Hydration is everything. Instead of heading straight for the coffee, I have a glass of water, then start making my coffee!
  2. PROBIOTICS- I have taken probiotic pills for years, but recently switched to a drinkable probiotic and I am obsessed with it. Take a sip out of the bottle every morning. (I LOVE the taste of it! It has a tart/tangy berry flavor that I honestly enjoy drinking)
  3. COLLAGEN- This is another habit that I have had for years now. The collagen peptides I use are pretty much tasteless, making it super easy to put a scoop in my coffee or smoothie! Not only is an easy source of protein, but it is great for hair, skin, and nails! Here is a blog post that shares my collagen latte recipe!
  4. GET YOUR GREENS IN- A few years back when I hated pretty much any vegetable and didn’t want to taste anything green, I would mix a cup of orange juice, spinach, and ice in a blender (honestly, you can’t taste it). I don’t do that anymore because I try and keep my sugar intake low, but I do make sure to have a green smoothie most days! I have shared this on my IG stories before. I typically use: 1/2 banana, 1/4 apple, juice of 1 lemon, spinach, kale, fresh ginger, ice/water, blend! Another easy way to sneak in greens is to put them in soups and sauces!

Chat soon,

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