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I was sitting in bed the other night thinking of something Brennan and I could do for a date night and thought it would be fun blog post to share! It’s so easy to get caught doing the same thing all the time. Especially if you are a creature of habit. (I can be this way sometimes)

I came up with a good list of things to do with your S.O. for date night! Or, you can totally do these with your girlfriends. Either way, it is bound to be a fun time!


Homemade pasta: not only will it taste amazing, but it’s super easy and makes for a cheap date night!

Schmorgasbord takeout: one of Brennan and I’s favorites! We order our favorite apps and entrees from a few different places, so we get to have a little of everything! Plus, you get to hang out together while you drive around to all of the restaurants to pick it up. Double win.

Farmer’s market dinner: Go to the farmers market on a Saturday morning and only use the things you buy to make a meal for dinner.

Plan a vacay: Go to your local coffee shop and plan your next vacation!

Tasting/tour at a local brewery/winery: We recently did this and loved learning about how it’s made, all while sipping on some yummy drinks.

Bonfire + smores: (a gas bonfire works too) we used to do this all the time (really need to do it soon! Smore’s are one of my favorite treats) . When we bought our house we put the gas pit in the shed and need to get it back out when it gets warmer.

Food crawl: you have to get drinks, apps, entrees, and desserts  all at different places! This is a good one for a longer date or an entire day date.

Movie marathon: stock up on all the yummy snacks and stay in bed all day long and watch movies.

Vision board: (more for serious relationships) sit down and come up with a 1 or 5 year vision board at a local coffee shop!

Come up with a bucket list together: Same type of deal as the vision board!

Cruise: get your favorite treat and drive for a couple hours! Jam out, look at houses, or just drive for the hell of it. This is one of our faves we do all the time.

Go camping in your car for the night: we’ve never done this but it sounds like it would be fun, especially if you have a bigger car/truck. Maybe one night we will make a spontaneous decision and do it!

I hope y’all are having a great week! The weather is finally starting to warm up here and I’m soaking it all in before I have to travel back to Canada for work!

Chat soon,

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