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I feel like this blog post title has pretty much been my my mission the past two years. When Brennan and I bought our house almost two years ago it was… hmm quite the hot mess. I’m talking green paint, old ass light fixtures, yellow outlets and rusty vents… the list goes on. So, the focus question has always been, “what can we do to fix this house up in the most affordable way possible?”

I really feel like we really have done really good job doing just that. We started with the little things like replacing all of the nasty outlets with fresh, white outlet covers and replacing the ancient floor vents with modern, black ones. (we just got ours at Home Depot). Then we started getting into the paint, replacing light fixtures, fans, and now onto the kitchen and bathroom. It’s still a work in progress, but it has definitely come a long way! I’ve definitely learned some things and thought this could help someone who is in a similar situation or is looking to buy a home to fix up!

Here are some affordable changes to update your home! Keep in mind, you don’t have to do it all at once… just take your time and do what you can when you can!

  1. NEW OUTLET COVERS AND VENTS: this makes everything look a little more fresh and clean. We decided to go for the matte black floor vents and really like the modern touch it gives the house.
  2. PAINT: oh the magic of some paint. For almost all of the house we went with white because it makes it look super bright and clean. We decided to go with a dark grey in the dining room for something more moody.
  3. New blinds: here was another fix that made the world of a difference!

I would say those are the things that should be done first. Once you get all of the basics done to freshen up the house, it’s time to start getting into the bigger things!

4. LIGHT FIXTURES/FANS: Because our house is so old, we wanted to give it more of a modern touch with super modern chandeliers and matte black fans.

5. KITCHEN/BATHROOM HARDWARE: Now here is the part we are at right now… The first switch was in the kitchen. I found a matte black faucet I liked and a soap dispenser that fit in the previous sink hose perfectly! Those two simple changes made a huge aesthetic change. MAJOR TIP: keep the sinks and tub… it will save you SO much money. Instead just change out the faucets, cabinet knobs and pulls, and paint the shower tile if you need to. (We have just started this whole step, so I will be sure to document the progress as we check things off the list).

Here is a before picture:


After picture:


Of course we would love to refinish the floors and redo the fireplace, but those are a bit more pricey and will have to wait. This whole blog post was about little, affordable changes you can make to really change the aesthetic of your home!

Below are the exact kitchen faucet and soap dispenser. They are incredibly affordable and are amazing quality. 10/10 would recommend if you like this style and are in the market for an upgrade!

Chat soon,

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