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This blog is long overdue! I took the pictures for it last week and life just seemed to get in the way of me getting it on the blog. There have been so many big life changes the past week, but we will get into that later. Maybe I’ll do a life update soon!



I get asked all the time where I got my LOAFERS and I’ve even had people tell me they love my Gucci loafers. My response “Thank you, I got them for under $50 on Amazon!”. The look on their faces when I tell them is everything! It just shoes how good of a dupe they really are. I was a little hesitant when I found them online, but when I got them in the mail I was shocked. The only problem is that they are not prime eligible, but SO worth the wait! In fact, all of the items take a little bit to get in. I want to say it was around 1.5-2 weeks at the most.


All 3 of the dupes took about that long to come in. But once again, so worth it. I had been lusting over the Goyard tote for the longest time and when I found this GOYARD TOTE DUPE online for the smallest fraction of a price, I was all over it. I use it everyday for work as it fits my laptop and planner perfectly. It’s also the perfect bag to travel with. I have traveled with it twice now and its perfect to set on top of your suitcase.



Last but not least are the Givenchy studded boots. These caught my eyes a year ago on Pinterest and I knew I needed to have them. I couldn’t justify the price, so they remained on my wishlist. I found a STUDDED BOOT DUPE online and the reviews were great! I love all of the buckles and studs on the boots, SO good!



This topic may be controversial to some, but I just like to keep it real on the blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of my designer buys, but amazing dupes allow you to get the same style without breaking the bank!

Chat soon,

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