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It’s about that time again. The new year rolls around and everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. People start flooding in the gym and eating healthy for a few weeks, then it quickly dies down. Without a clear vision and intentional habits to achieve your goals, your goals are easily pushed to the side. Why? Because there weren’t habits in place to hold yourself accountable!

This year I wanted to show you what I am doing to keep myself accountable!

uncovered vision board

  1. Brainstorm: Compile a list of goals that you truly want to achieve this year. Find inspiration on Pinterest or in magazines! Either pin and print the pictures or simply cut them out of the magazine.
  2. Narrow it down: pick about a handful of your top goals for 2019!
  3. Visualize: Take all of the pictures and magazine cut outs and create a vision board with all of your goals and motivating words or phrases.
  4. Write it down: write out your top goals for 2019! Because writing them out makes it more likely for you to follow through with it, right?! Print out the vision board template below and get started!
  5. Establish Habits: next to each goal write a habit you can develop or a decision you need to make to ensure you meet that specific goal.
  6. Action: You have everything written out and know what you have to do to get there.  Take action! A small choice everyday makes a big difference!
  7. Hold yourself accountable: Keep your vision board and goal list somewhere you will see them regularly! Plan a monthly check to make sure you are making intentional choices to meet your goals.

Click here to download the printable vision board template!

vision board2

tara's vision board

What are you waiting for?! Print this template out and start jotting down your top goals for the year! On the lines next to each goal write out the decisions or habits you have to make to get there!

I hope this helps you organize all of your thoughts and get them out in writing! 365 new days, 365 new chances!

Chat soon,

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