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Every closet needs really good basics, am I right? This roundup has some higher end basic pieces and some that are very fair priced. If I can get the quality for a fair price I’m all about it, but I truly don’t mind spending more money for high quality basics if I need to. Why? Because I know I will wear the heck out of them. If I am going to be wearing something very often, the price per wear is able to get really low. Now that’s something I can justify. On the other hand, I refuse to spend a ton of money on an outfit I will wear once. I can’t make sense of it and would rather hear nails on a chalkboard instead of looking at it hang in my closet. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic, but you catch my drift.

Basically (no pun intended ha), these are pieces I either own and LOVE or am dying to have in my closet. They are all neutrals that can be paired with just about anything, making them so versatile. Get ready to see these basics all summer!

  1. NUDE FLIP FLOPS: I bought these last summer and loved the heck out of them so much I bought a pair again for this summer. Something about them just gives the outfit a more elevated look in comparison to wearing a rubber flip flop.
  2. STRAW HAT: Bed head…hat. Two day old hair… hat. Sunny… hat. You get the gist. Y’all need a good hat for the summer and I promise this is it.
  3. LAYERED NECKLACE: I am super into layered necklaces and this one has been my favorite addition yet.
  4. BLACK BELT: We all need a good black belt and this one is a little more unique than the typical black belt! I had it in my cart ready to purchase and right before I went to post this, it sold out. Here’s to hoping it’s restocked soon! Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I linked one that is pretty similar!
  5. DISTRESSED BOYFRIEND JEANS: I had been dying to try GRLFRND denim, but could never pull the trigger. These look the exact same for a fraction of the price. SO GOOD.
  6. BRAIDED SANDALS: These unique, yet still basic sandals go with anything. I am sure that I would wear them a ton.
  7. HIGH WAISTED JEAN SHORTS: These shorts also fall into the “I bought them last summer and loved them category” (also, bought another pair for this summer). Without a doubt, I wore these shorts 5/7 days a week last summer and I’m proud of it!
  8. BLACK SUNNIES: For months I had the Celine sunnies in my cart online. I even found them at Nordstrom rack, but still couldn’t pull the trigger. One day I came across these while browsing on Nordstrom and saw they were 29.99 (best celine dupes ever). I didn’t expect them to be super high quality because of the price, but they proved me wrong.
  9. NUDE PLATFORM SANDALS: I do not own these, but am obsessed with them and will most likely end up getting them for this summer!
  10. STACKABLE GOLD RINGS: These rings are from one of my favorite jewelry companies. I have yet to try their rings, but I have a few necklaces from them and they are amazing quality.