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I am a MAJOR online shopper. There are so many more options online (especially when you don’t live in a big city) and you don’t even have to leave your house to order it. YES, please. Let’s be honest, most of my shopping is done online besides groceries and casual trips to Target and Tjmaxx.

I shared a few of the items I ordered this week on stories and asked if y’all wanted a blog on it and the majority said yes, so here it is! I’ll break it down by store to keep it simple!



AMAZON: forever love

PACK OF TRAVEL BAGS: I travel quite a bit and am always needing more bags to put toiletries and such in. These come with a bunch of different sizes in the pack and it was only $10… SCORE.

ALL NATURAL TOOTHPASTE: I have tried a bunch of different ones and had yet to try this one- it’s one of my new faves!

ELECTROLYTE SUPPLEMENT: For rapid hydration and hangovers. Fun fact, literally after 2-3 drinks… instant hangover. So pretty much anytime I go out, I am a wounded soldier in the morning. It’s the most annoying thing ever. I will be trying this and a few other items to see if they help next time I go out.

COLLAGEN PEPTIDES- ON THE GO PACKS: this is my ride-or-die collagen. I use it everyday, but needed more single packs for travel.

MELATONIN GUMMIES: I have always had the hardest time falling asleep at night and these make all the difference.

NATURAL FACIAL CLEANSER: Giving this brand a try. I am close to being out of face wash and moisturizer so I figured, why not! I will let you know if I like it.

NATURAL FACIAL CREAM: Same brand as above, giving it a try! It has really good reviews.


MISGUIDED: had a good sale this week!

LEOPARD PAJAMA SET: I’m a sucker for anything animal print! Its super comfy.

LONGER CAMEL TEDDY COAT: I will be traveling quite a bit to Canada for work. It’s so cold there, so I will get a ton of use out of this!

WHITE GRAPHIC SWEATSHIRT: Affordable neutral colored sweatshirt. I love it!



HEALTHY BARS: Stocked up on my favorite bars. Such good ingredients!

NATURAL SELF TANNING LOTION (BODY): Brennan and I are attending a wedding this upcoming weekend and I need a tan… BAD.

NATURAL SELF TANNING LOTION (FACE): Same brand as above. I will let you know what I think!

NATURAL DEODORANT: I’ve tried SO SO many natural deodorants. Probably over 15, seriously. I’ll report back on this one too!

Let me know if you like this and I can do it more often!

Chat soon,

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