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As I’m sitting here freezing my ass off in between meetings in Canada I figured I would try and pretend I’m somewhere warm. It’s actually working… say hello the power of the mind! (the heat in this room may or may not just have a little something to do with it, ha!)

Now that I’m dreaming up warm weather vacations, I’m ready for all of the spring styles! I know that so many people go on spring break, so I figured this would be perfect if you are starting to plan out your trip. Call it a packing list, or warm weather essentials- all of these styles and accessories are SO GOOD.

Warm weather is my favorite to dress for. It’s simple, chic, clean. I’m here for it. Enough rambling, let’s get right into it.


Chic Bodysuits/basic tops/graphic tees: Think less is more. I love how versatile bodysuits are. My favorite way to wear them is with high waisted denim. The best thing about basics is that you can easily dress them up or down. Let’s say you are wearing a white tee, jeans, and sneaks during the day… swap out the sneaks for heels or fun booties, curl your hair, add some earrings and put some makeup on… there you have yourself a chic little outfit!

High-waisted jean shorts/jeans: I’m SO glad high waisted denim made a comeback. Its more flattering, comfortable, plus is looks really good with bodysuits and basics. It’s honestly the only style denim I wear. I don’t have time for the low rise-my crack is showing-type of denim. Sorry, not sorry.

Simple Gold jewelry: I’m a sucker for dainty gold jewelry. Layering necklaces is super fun and adding a good pair of earrings always freshens up an outfit. Honestly, when I think people look more put together when they have jewelry on. I’m trying to be Lucy-with-her-life-together, so I’ll keep wearing my jewelry, ok, thanks.

Swimmies: There are so many good swimsuit companies out there, but trying to find some that are actually reasonably priced can be HARD. like seriously hard. Personally, I can’t justify paying $200 on a swim suit. I just can’t. So I tried to round up more affordable options that still look really fucking chic. (Looking at all of these swim suits has me dying to go on vacation, like yesterday.)

Straw accessories: Duh, warm weather obviously means we need some straw in our life. Hats, bags, sandals, earrings, I WANT IT ALL.

Footwear: I think you only need a couple REALLY good pairs of shoes in your wardrobe. I used to buy tons of shoes all the time and lately I find myself reaching for the same ones every time. So, I don’t mind splurging on shoes if I know I will wear the heck out of them. But, I found some reaaaally good staples, some super affordable!

I am so excited for warm weather it’s not even funny. But until then, I’ll just keep dreaming up vacations and buying clothes for spring! Hope y’all are having a great week!

Chat soon,

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