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I was having a tough time falling asleep one night and started scrolling through my phone (so typical). Although I know this is the worst thing to do, I seem to do it all the time anyway. This night in particular I was thankful for the scrolling. I found a post that answered a question I never really knew the answer to. I had never felt more relatable to a post I’ve read.

A blogger was sharing about herself and her explanation of her personality type. It was truly like the post was describing me. She described herself as an outgoing introvert. I’m here to say, “I too am an outgoing introvert.”

Growing up I used to be more on the “outgoing side”, although somewhere in the middle of college I quickly became more of an introvert. I would get uncomfortable talking to people I didn’t know or people I didn’t know well. I am still this way. I can never think of anything to say. I’ve never been about small talk- I truly hate it. Probably because I’m not good at it, but also because I honestly think it’s a waste of time (lets get to the point). I’m more of the girl that’s down for deep conversations that have meaning and intent. My boyfriend is seriously one of the best “small talk”/shoot the shit type of conversationalists I know, which overcompensates for me when we are in a conversation with other people. Because of this I pretty much can avoid it when he’s by my side. Whoops. I feel like sometimes people think I’m a rude or unengaged because I’m quiet. Totally not the case, I really just don’t know what to say and tense up. Anyways, give me a few drinks and things are looking good again. But really.



On the contrary, I can talk for hours with people I feel comfortable around. When I say “comfortable with”, I don’t necessarily mean the amount of time I’ve known a person. I can still feel uncomfortable when talking to them even if I’ve known them a while. For me, it’s more about the connection and how the person or environment makes me feel. With my close family and friends- I can talk for hours on end about anything. They would easily describe me as outgoing, sassy, and bold. I’m carefree when I’m with them. Let’s just say I’m selectively outgoing?

Listening to people talk and hearing what they have to say gives me life. I have been told plenty of times I would be the best therapist because I can listen well and quickly give rational advice. I know many people that struggle with listening, so I would definitely say that it is something that God blessed me with. I am forever grateful for that.

I would love to know how you would describe your personality or if you too are in fact an “outgoing introvert”!

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