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She is everything I want to be. Aside from being an absolute babe and having the best style, she is my rock and best friend. Out of all of the lessons she has taught me, these are the ones I’m most thankful for.

1. To always be kind and confident

Since I can remember, she always spoke to my siblings and I about the power of words. She speaks positively over people and is the absolute BEST at finding good in people, even the ones that have done her wrong. This is something I work at every single day.

Not only is she incredibly kind, but she is extremely confident! This goes for anything she does. She speaks confidence into her life and always tells herself she can do it. Once again, she really believes in the power of words and speaking things into your life.

Whenever I am struggling with something she reminds me to tell myself I can do it and that I will get through it. Never has she deterred me from doing whatever I wanted to do. If you believe you can and work hard, anything is possible…

2. How to have an incredible work ethic

My mom came from nothing and learned so much from it. She worked her ass off growing up working before and after school picking vegetables at a farm, babysitting, working at a restaurant, etc. She did it all because it’s what she had to do. She bought herself a car, put herself through hair school, bought a salon. To this day she is one of the hardest working people I know.

Growing up, I didn’t know why she wanted to “cut me off” at 13. I had to start paying for my clothes, shoes, movie tickets, dinner with friends, etc. I was bitter at first that my friends parents still paid for all of this for them, but as time went on I really started to appreciate what I had learned from it. We lived in a nice town, a nice house and my parents were well-off and could have easily paid for these things, although they wanted to teach me what it was like at a young age to work hard and support yourself.

From selling Capri Sun purses in grade school, babysitting everyday after school at just 11 years old, and purchasing candy machines to place around town, she supported me in all of my first little “businesses” and pre-teen jobs. I can vividly remember me asking her to drive around so I could find the perfect places for my candy machines. No questions asked, she just jumped in the car and drove me around and waited in the car for me while I talked to store and restaurant owners. There is no doubt that her work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit rubbed off on me.

3. To have a sense of humor and laugh everyday

My mom is seriously funny as hell and pulls the best pranks. She didn’t and still doesn’t care who you are, she will try to get you to laugh and pull a prank on you.

She would mess with me and my friends growing up all the time. Her typical prank was pulling away in the car as we were just about to open the door and make us run to catch up to her only to do it again. Popping out from hiding in closets, honking as you walked in front of the car, you name it- she did it daily.

I can remember reparking friends cars on the other side of the parking lot, driving away in the grocery store parking lot just as my brother was about to grab the handle (he tried to jump on anyways and I ran over his foot. Whoops, sorry Blake!), and putting sirens on a car while my friends were skinny dipping.

She is the one I look up to and aspire to be!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, the women that aspire to be moms, and the women that can’t be moms. I am incredibly grateful and realize how lucky I am to have a mom that has been such a positive influence in my life. I know this is not the case for everyone. This day may be tough for you, but just know that God has a plan and His love is unconditional. Trust in him and pray for peace.

Chat soon,

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