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Travel more

I haven’t traveled as much as I would like to, but I do have a few trips planned for the year so far! My BFF and I are going to AZ in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited! Get ready for some warm weather style inspo.

Save for house renovations

We have done a few minor house renovations so far, but I really haven’t saved much for any of the big renovations we want to do in the next year or two. This blog post is holding me accountable.

 Clean out my email Unsubscribe to things I don’t use

I’ll give myself a pat on the back. It definitely was a pain in the ass and took a lot of time to continuously scroll and unsubscribe from email lists, but my gosh was it worth it. My emails are no longer flooded with things that I am not interested anymore. Now I don’t miss the emails and newsletters I actually care about. I would highly recommend doing this.


With an honest heart, I can say I’ve slacked with this resolution. I planned on volunteering to do hair and makeup at Jesus Prom, but I got super sick the day before and was in bed for the next few days. I love doing hair and makeup and would have loved to be a part of that day. I need to be proactive in looking for other volunteering opportunities.

 Say no to experiences that do not serve me

I’ve definitely done better with this. There were a few things at the beginnings of the year that were weighing me down and I feel so much better without them. If something doesn’t feel right or if I am completely worn out, I will say no. It’s still a work in progress, as most of my resolutions are.

Put extra money down on student loans 

I have put a little bit of extra money down on top of my monthly payments for my loans that have the highest interest rates. Side note: I love learning about finances and money management. I sure love to shop, but I would say I’m pretty responsible with my finances.



Keep the plants alive

Don’t get me started. I have put in a good deal of effort at trying to keep our plants alive and lets just say, some plants just aren’t happy in our house. I am constantly telling Brennan I would be really happy with a large cactus, although I’m still waiting for him to bring one home for me. We have tons of little succulents and I can totally handle those right now. Oh, and the snake plant, it loves me.

Drink more water

Some days I do super well with this and other days I completely slack and drink three almond milk lattes. It’s all about balance, right? Realistically, I try to remember as much as possible and will chug a glass of water as I’m running out the door if I need to.

Start using my planner more regularly 

I have always been into making to-do lists under the notes section on my phone. I still do this while I am out so I don’t forget to write it in my planner, but when I get a second to sit down I now write it all in my planner. We all only have 24 hours each day; I try to spend mine as wisely as possible!


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