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This post was not planned at all (I was actually supposed to be working on my top five beauty products), but this just felt “right”, so I went with it. I grabbed some questions and just started typing…

Here are 9 questions to get to know me a bit better!!

1. What is something that most people do not know about you?

I am claustrophobic (extreme fear of confined places). I have been this way since I can remember. Elevators, planes, being locked in somewhere, you name it.

My parents used to have to drag me on to elevators and planes. Like actually drag me on the floor, I was hysterical. Pretty much I will never go to a haunted house, or any small, confined space unless I absolutely have to (I am always too afraid to ride roller coasters that lock you in because I’m afraid I am going to get stuck in the restraint). I opt to take the stairs whenever possible and suck it up when I have to fly.

2. What do you do? (I would love to know what you do! Pretty please share below! This is one of my favorite questions to ask people when I first meet them. I feel like it says a lot about you!)

It may be easier to ask what I don’t do, but here we go. Haha. I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities and actually love being crazy busy. (I know, its weird.)

My full-time Job is a social media specialist for a women’s online boutique.

Brennan and I own a nut butter company, Gone Nuts, and a mens apparel company, Marver Apparel.

I nanny for two kids that I absolutely adore. I have been with them since they were tiny and practically consider them my own.

I do social media freelance work for a few small companies in town.

Most recently, I’ve added this blog to the list! (not picking favorites or anything) Haha!

3. What are my top two love languages?

First of all, if you haven’t read this book, I seriously recommend it. It truly helped me better understand so many people and develop stronger relationships. My first love language is quality time, followed by acts of service. If you have read the book, THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES, and taken the ONLINE TEST, I would love for you to share your top love languages below!! If not, I would encourage you to pick up the book and take the test. Heck its only $9 bucks!

4. Typical day in your life?

I wake up: 6:00 am, get ready. Leave the house around 6:40 to get my babies up (not my babies, but my babies). Drop them off at school. Head to the office and work until 4:30. Then I either grab the babes from school, or go to the gym depending on the day (until 6:30 either way), come home, make dinner, work for a few more hours, take a bath (sometimes I will work in the bath. Ha), get my things ready for the morning and go to bed around 12!

5. What things make me happy?

Spending time with kind people, traveling to warm places, good coffee, fashion, clean beauty, shopping, plants, interior design, scorching hot baths, cooking, night drives, and jamming to music in the car.

6. What would you say to a younger version of yourself?

This is so cliché, but to not care about what people think of you. Be kind to everyone, all the time – you have no idea what they are going through.

7. Greatest success in life so far?

I can easily say my greatest success in life so far is working everyday to have a relationship with God. Growing up I went through the motions and went to church and a weekly religious education, but I really had no relationship with Him. I went to church, but didn’t really listen. It was a chore. Like the kind where I would try and fake sick to stay home. I’m definitely not proud of it.

Freshman year of college came around and Brennan and I started dating. We promised each other we would make a serious effort to get to church every Sunday. We didn’t care what the night before brought, our asses made it to church. Typically late and wildly hungover. At that point I started to pay attention a little bit, but I wasn’t fully there. I had a lot of shit I had to overcome. The past year I had went through a lot with my family and I was incredibly hurt. I needed him to help me forgive.

Overtime, I started really paying attention to the sermons. I began to take His words and start using them to guide my life. I was able to forgive. I know for a fact, if He wasn’t such a huge part of my life, I would be incredibly bitter from the things that hurt me. I wouldn’t have the positive attitude and outlook on life that I do. I wouldn’t be as grateful as I am. But, it wasn’t overnight. It took a lot of effort.

In 2016 I was baptized. It was the most free I have ever felt. Now, I look forward to going to church and listening to the sermon. He is my rock and the one I know I can lean on.

8. My idea of the perfect day?

Waking up somewhere tropical and drinking coffee with amazing views. Beachin’, some good shopping. Maybe a facial or beauty treatment if I’m lucky!

9. Dream Job?

I feel like this changes all the time, but right now I would say a stylist for music videos or other creative productions. Also—I am obsessed with natural beauty products and fashion- so branding, design, or styling for a modern/trendy company that is aesthetically pleasing would be right up my alley!




Chat soon,

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