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I have gotten this question for years and continue to get it all the time. “Did you get your lips done?” Fortunately, the answer is no. I naturally have large lips and don’t think I will ever need filler in them, but never say never! With this being said, I have done a couple minimal things to my face and will be sharing that today!

To me, it’s not really a taboo topic because I am an open book, but to most people this is a “hush, hush” topic. BOTOX. I had been wanting botox in my forehead for quite some. I had lines on my forehead from being very expressive and raising my eyebrows a lot. Whoops. Over time, I started to get self conscious of the lines especially when my makeup would settle in. I have been very persistent with my skin care for years and that helped, but it didn’t fully get rid of the problem. So, I started looking into botox and saw some incredible before and after pictures. I knew it would help my current situation and also prevent the lines from getting  any deeper. While I was in Arizona, I finally pulled the trigger.

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I got to my appointment and filled out all of the necessary paperwork and went on to share that I was looking for a very tasteful, natural look, but still enough to get the job done. I felt very comfortable as the lady administering it looked very tasteful herself. I feel like that is a good judgement on how the end result will be (although, this lady is also very reputable in Scottsdale, AZ anyway). She ended up using just 12 units strictly in my forehead.

I could not be more happy with the result. You would never know I had it done, unless I told you (so now you do! Ha!). It is exactly what I was looking for: a solution to a problem, prevention for deeper lines, all while being tasteful and natural looking. I think if you are self conscious about something and you want to make the change for YOU, then go for it. I never have really cared much about what people think, so I didn’t think twice about it.

Another semi-permanent procedure I have had done is microblading. About 3 years ago I had it done for the first time. The experience was a bit traumatizing to be honest. The lady performing the microblading had only let the numbing cream sit for a minute when it should of been on there much longer. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I was pretty shocked at how uncomfortable every stroke was. Just imagine me gripping the chair as hard as possible. You know that pain when your not really crying, but tears are leaving your tear ducts? That was me. Definitely not comfortable. Even though the process was not enjoyable, I loved the way my eyebrows looked after the procedure. When it came time to touch them up a year later, I was not looking forward to it. I had found a place that was closer to the house (instead of going to Nashville), so I tried it out. My goodness was the process much more tolerable! The numbing cream was left on for longer and I wasn’t cringing at every stroke that was made. Anyways, I need to go for another touch up soon because it’s very faded. I will document it and do another post on it for anyone that is interested in getting it done!

Something I am itching to get done is a deep peel. Like the kind where your face looks whack for a week and then peels off like snake skin. I have acne scars that I would like gone and think this would do the trick. I haven’t looked much into it, so if you have gotten one done let me know what you thought of it!!

Well, I’m off to finish some work and get to bed. I’m still a little off from being on vacation and in a different time zone. You better believe I’ll be taking some melatonin and catching some zzzzzzzz.

Chat soon,

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