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Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’ve put together a bunch of ideas for you to do/gift your guy! Whether you want to spoil, surprise, or just spend some quality time together- I’ve got you covered! Here are some of my faves:


CHECKERED VANS: Brennan has been saying he wants these for a while now. Super fun! I kinda want a pair for myself, but I’m not really into the whole twinning thing. Yikes. 

DUFFLE BAG: This bag is super cool and is perfect for a weekend getaway! Earn some bonus points by booking a spontaneous staycation or a little weekend getaway for V-day! 

TEMP CONTROL CERAMIC MUG: Is your guy a coffee drinker? This classy mug warmer is perfect for the office or just at home to keep your coffee warm all morning long! I secretly want one for myself.

NIRVANA HOODIE: All guys love a good hoodie. This one would be fun with jeans and the checkered vans. Or get some movie tickets with the sweatshirt for a perfect casual date night! Both are good options in my book! I also am loving this tan sweatshirt.


TICKETS TO A SPORTING EVENT: What guy wouldn’t eat this shit up? Plus, its a fun date night for the both of you. Win, win.

TICKETS TO A COMEDY SHOW: Brennan and I are both huuuuge Kevin Hart fans. I’ve been obsessed since my brother used to imitate his jokes in elementary school. Fucking funny. But, any comedy show would do the trick!

A WEEKEND GETAWAY: Drive to a city near you or take a quick flight to get away for the weekend! He’ll appreciate how spontaneous it is. 

A NIGHT STAYCATION: Too busy or don’t want to spend a good chunk of change on a whole weekend getaway? Find a good airbnb or a hotel around the corner for a night. There’s something fun about changing it up. Take advantage of the hotel hot tub, get a robe on, and order some room service!

You don’t have to spend money to make it a good Valentine’s Day! Keep it low key and do this:

Turn on some kitchen jams

Make some homemade pasta (it’s not hard and will be fun!) Click here for a recipe (no machine required)!

Make chocolate covered strawberries OR if you want to get something a little more fancy, here is a make your own chocolate truffles kit– SO cool and different!

Take a bubble bath and do whatever else your little heart desires.


Chat soon,

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