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I must admit, I think shoes can really make or break an outfit. Adding a good shoe to an outfit can totally elevate it to another level. I have been looking everywhere for the best shoes for fall and I found some REALLY good ones. You need a variety of styles to make your closet well rounded, so I have found a few styles that I think are a must for this fall! I have included both a save and a splurge option to cover every budget! There are some times where I love the shoe so much I don’t care to splurge, and sometimes I would rather save and spend the money elsewhere!

There are four types of shoes that I think are a MUST in your closet this fall: pointy toe booties, fun sneaks, and a good pair of loafers, and hiker boots!

POINTY TOE BOOTIES: I’m into the lower chunky heel just because I feel like I can get more use out of them and will wear them more often since they are typically more comfortable. You can pair these with jeans, skirts, leather leggings, dresses, you name it! I think the pointy toe (or more on the pointy side rather than very rounded) is definitely on trend for this season! I have this snake skin pair in the white patent leather and this pair in black.

FUN SNEAKS: I love to keep things casual and comfortable when possible and having fun sneaker in your closet makes that easy! I’m so into pairing sneakers with midi dresses or even a basic jeans and a tee outfit! I have been obsessed with Golden Goose for a while now and made the splurge on a pair last year. I wear them ALL THE TIME. I recently found the cutest studded pair that I am dying over. If you are ballin’ on a budget I have such a good dupe for you!

LOAFERS: I feel like this trend started last year and is totally still going strong. I got a pair last year and wore the heck out of them! I need to order a new pair asap. Because I feel like the fur can get dirty so easily, I don’t know if I would go with the actual gucci loafers on these, so a good dupe is perfect for this style!

HIKER BOOTS: A new trend for this fall that I am LOVING. I can see myself wearing them a ton with skinny jeans or leather leggings with a teddy coat! For something different, I would wear them with a midi dress and a leather jacket too! I saw this black and faux fur pair and instantly fell in love. They are a splurge so I haven’t bit the bullet yet, but I just found this pair that is so similar in the black color for a fraction of the price! For a fun, hero pair- I am lusting over these leopard ones!
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