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Save your eyes… but make it cute. DUH. I started wearing blue light blocking glasses back in the summer and I haven’t looked back. I spend a ridiculous amount of hours working on the computer and on my phone. SO bad for my eyes. After a few hours in each day I would get the worst headaches and eye strain. Now that has gone away and it’s just my wrist that can’t handle the typing and clicking all day. But, we’ll save that for another day!

I wanted to round up a blog post of super affordable blue light blocking glasses (because you don’t have to break the bank to save your eyes)! Your eyes will thank you later, promise! If you’re like me and work in a job that requires quite a bit of screen time, it will make a big difference. I really need to start wearing them at night if I’m watching a show too (need to get better at that)!


These clear frames (in the pic above!) were the first pair I got (hello, only $15). I still love these and wear them all the time. Oh, and did I mention all of these are on Amazon? Because they are!

The next pair I got as a gift. They are super cute gold frames, but I found a pair that looks so similar for a fraction of the price here (only $16)!

The next pair are on my wishlist! You know I love anything tortoise and these tortoise frames are screaming my name (and the most affordable too- $11)!

Chat soon,

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