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Since I shop so often on Amazon, I thought it would only be right to share my favorites with you! Because the shipping is free (via prime) and so quick, I find myself shopping on Amazon all too often. If you don’t regularly shop on Amazon I’m not sure we can be friends… just kidding. Well kind of, haha.

These products are my tried-and-true favorites that I am loving right now!

SPORTS BRA: I was in major need of new sports bras. I ordered the black and loved it so much I ordered the white too! They are a dupe of the Lululemon sports bras, but under 1/2 the price!

TOWELS: A few weeks ago I got the urge for a little spring refresh for the house and got new towels and sheets. The towels are really good quality for the price!

SHEETS: I mean, who doesn’t love fresh sheets?! These are also amazing quality and I love that it comes with 4 pillow cases! By far my favorite bedding we have had yet!

FACE MOISTURIZER: My ultimate favorite face moisturizer that I have been using for a couple of years now. I have tried so many and always go back to this one! (and of course, its clean!)

CLEAN MASCARA: I have tried numerous brands and this one is my go-to. It layers so well and doesn’t flake off or smear throughout the day.

COLLAGEN PEPTIDE PACKETS: These packets are perfect for on-the-go, especially with all of the traveling I have been doing lately. I have used this brand for years and love it so much for joint, skin, and hair health! The added protein boost doesn’t hurt either!!

PROBIOTICS: I tried a couple other probiotics when this one went out of stock and they did not compare to this gem of a find! I love the taste of these and love that it’s a liquid and not in pill form. Do your gut a favor and order these. I promise you will thank me. As soon as I saw they were back in stock I ordered them again!

BELT BAG: I brought this with me to AZ and it honestly is the perfect summer accessory. It goes with just about anything from dresses to shorts and keeps you hands-free!

TORTOISE HOOPS: on repeat. You need them for summer! (under $10)

WHITE FILE ORGANIZER: One of my goals this year was to be more organized with paperwork and taxes. This organizer definitely helps and is perfect for the counter or desk!


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