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If we’re being honest, this was one of those recipes I just threw together in hopes it would turn out. AND boy did it… I could drink this all the time. It was so refreshing and just subtly sweet from the strawberries and a dash of Cointreau.

Pretty much, you need to make plans this weekend. Schedule out a date night in, have the girls over… whatever the ef you wanna do. But, make these margs and they will love you forever. It really did just take a few minutes and they were the best i’ve ever had!


1/2 pint fresh strawberries

1/2 c. blanco tequila ( I love Casamigos)

1.5 oz. Cointreau

1 lime juiced

4-5 mint leaves


Kosher salt/ coconut sugar



  1.  Place the strawberries, tequila, cointreau, lime juice and mint leaves. Blend thoroughly on high until the strawberries are fully blended.
  2.  Pour about 1/4 cup of kosher salt (or coconut sugar- my personal preference!) onto a small side plate. Rub the juiced lime rhine around the edge of the glasses, then dip each glass into the plate of salt/coconut sugar to rim the edges.
  3.  Fill each glass with crushed ice or several ice cubes.
  4. Pour the blended margarita mixture into the glasses and top with a few mint sprigs!


You will thank me later, I promise!

Chat soon,

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