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Grocery shopping is something I truly enjoy, I’m serious. I know this is not the case for everyone, but I look forward to going to the grocery store, trying to put meals together, finding new products, and reading labels. Yes, I read every label. Not because I care how many calories are in it, but I DO in fact care what the ingredients are. If its not made with real, good for you ingredients, it isn’t going to make the cut.


Trader Joe’s is a great place to snag healthy groceries for a good price, but the branding can be a bit deceiving sometimes. Sometimes something will look like it will be healthy, when it truly isn’t. Pretty much, I’ve done the dirty work for you and checked all of the ingredients for the items I get on the regular. The closest TJ’s to me is an hour away so I usually stock up on these items while I’m there! But, because it is an hour away and I have to bring a cooler, I usually just get typical produce at a grocery store right around the corner from where I live.


+ Tahini, pepita, and apricot slaw kit (such a good, quick salad + the dressing is clean)

+ Southwestern chopped salad (dressing not great ingredients, so I usually omit and use one from home)

+ Sliced brussels sprouts (makes life a whole lot easier)

+ Shishito peppers (can only find them here!)

+ Blueberries

+ Spindrift (a better version of lacroix, imo)

+ Cauliflower pizza crust (good ingredients and perfect for an easy dinner)

+ Brown rice

+ Cage free hard-boiled eggs (for Brennan) (fun fact: I hate eggs)

+ Cauliflower gnocchi (This has been out of stock for forever and I was finally able to snag a few bags this time! The sweet potato gnocchi is also super good!)

+ Dry roasted sliced almonds

+ Goat cheese (I put it on fire roasted shishito peppers with soy sauce and sliced almonds, so good!)

+ Sliced herb turkey roast

+ Tomato basil marinara (use for gnocchi and pizza)

+ Chile lime chicken burgers (THE BOMB)

+ Cowboy caviar (put on chile lime chicken burgers with brown rice and island salsa!)

+ Island salsa

+ Watermelon Kombucha (fav flavor)


Are you a TJ lover like me?? Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Chat soon,

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