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If you are one of those people that loves to grocery shop (I totally am!), this may just be what you need to start off 2019 on the health train! Eating healthy has never really been an issue for me… the working out part seems to be a struggle for me to stick to, whoops. I am going to put my best foot forward to really get in a good workout routine! As for the healthy eating and grocery list, I’ve got that covered! We pretty much buy the same things every week, besides a few dinner items we change out. It keeps us on track and makes shopping so easy! I wrote out all of our typical grocery list and split them into weekly and monthly lists!


Our weekly list never really changes except for the veggies and herbs we need for dinners.

Meals/snacks go a little something like this:

Right when I wake up, I have a glass of water and drink my probiotics!

For breakfast I usually have an almond milk latte and then one of the following: a green smoothie with collagen, a bar if I’m on the go, or a chicken sausage bowl. I typically make my lattes at home with my Nespresso! Every month I order enough of the Nespresso pods to last all month long. My favorite are the Vanillo pods! I wrote a blog on how I make my everyday latte here! The bars I love I order online and have a monthly subscription for since they are so hard to find in stores! I have tried all the trim and women bars and love both flavors. Not sure why they are called those names because they are just healthy bars with real ingredients, so guys can eat them too! Brennan and I both love them.

For lunch, its a big salad, ham and cheese roll-ups, or leftovers from the night before!

Snacks usually are an apple and peanut butter, guac and tortilla chips, a green smoothie if I didn’t have one for breakfast, string cheese, a slice of paleo banana bread, etc!

Dinners are my favorite since I love to cook! They usually consist of meat/veggies, soup, taco bowls, a big salad with grilled chicken, black bean pasta and chicken meatballs, or a cauliflower pizza if we are in a rush or being lazy!

After dinner I usually have another snack and sometimes a piece of dark chocolate!

Happy New Year, babes!!


Chat soon,

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