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I have had the graphic made for this blog post for weeks now and completely forgot to upload it to the blog. Just keeping it real around here. Shit happens.

A month or so back I ordered this shelf for the family room and shared Brennan putting it together on stories. I had a few requests to share what I am going to put on there, so here it is! (Better late than never, right?) Also- when I asked earlier this month what you want to see on the blog this year there was an overwhelming response for decor. I got really excited because I love interior design and finding cool pieces for the house! As we renovate and update some parts of the house this year I will be sure to share on here! I am super pumped to start working on the guest bedroom/office. Okay back to the point, Tara… SHELF DECOR.

Here is the actual shelf I got that we have in our family room! I love it- it’s simple and small enough to fit on the side of our fireplace, but you could totally put a few next to each other if you have a bigger space. (They show this on their website!)

Now to the decor for the shelves… Let me start by saying I don’t like a bunch of “shit” on the shelves. I like enough on there so it doesn’t look bare, but not too much where it looks like a cluttered mess.

Here are a few decor tips that will help you get the process rolling:

  1. Vary decor height- find decor that has varying height to give the decor some dimension. I.e. A taller vase, a candle and matches. All varying heights!
  1. Stack books- keep them upright with book ends or lay them down and stack them with a small decor piece on top.
  1. The power of 3’s- this decor tip I use all over the house! Put three objects together in a close space. There’s just something aesthetically pleasing about it. Again- vary the height!
  1. Alter back and forth between a simple shelf and a busy shelf- maybe on one shelf just put a speaker or large picture frame then on the one above it put some books, a candle and small decor object. You get the point- mix it up!

shelf decor


COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: loving these here, here, here and here! (all of these are affordable!)

CHIC CANDLES: I love using candles that have good branding for decor! Super into the look of these candles: here and here.

MATCHES: these matches are fun to keep in the cute container or to put in a match striker!

SMALL MARBLE BOWL: this little marble bowl is fun to put knick knacks in or to place on top of a stack of books!

BLACK PEDESTAL BOWL: Can’t decide between the black or white pedestal bowl. I’m super into both.

WHITE PEDESTAL BOWL: Loving this one too. May get both and use one in another part of the house!

SAND HOUR GLASS: this hour glass is cute and super affordable (only $6)


Once I get the shelf fully decorated I will take pictures and post them on here!

Chat soon,

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