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We bought a house mid October of last year and for quite some time I was SUPER into getting stuff for the house. We got all of the big furniture pieces we needed, then life got in the way and it all came to a halt. You know how it goes.

Finding good decor takes time and it just wasn’t a priority. I had all of the necessities and that was good for me at that point. I usually have something in the back of my mind for a couple weeks and if I still like it, I will go ahead and pull the trigger. Sometimes I get spontaneous and buy decor on a whim, but most of the time it is planned out. I have had these wishlist pieces in the back of my head for a bit now and finally got a second to put them all together for a post.

I’m not sure how I would describe my style… I guess you could say contemporary modern? I don’t really like to follow decor rules, so I just get what I like. BUT, I am *always* changing things out and it drives Brennan crazy. We will have something for a couple months and I am done with it and want something new. It just depends on the piece and what I’m into- some things we have had for a long time and I still love them!

Alright, lets jump into the wishlist!

I am reaaaally wanting a tray to put on our large ottoman to add some “coffee table decor”. I can’t decide if I want an ACRYLIC or white tray, so I didn’t add that in the wishlist (I am leaning towards the acrylic). I am wanting to stack these three books (VOGUE) (DECOR BOOK) (HAND BOOK) on the tray (in that order). I love the combo of the three books together! I also want to add a DIPTYQUE CANDLE, these really cute MATCHES, and this PINK HIMALAYAN tea light holder (but I want to put an air plant in there instead of the tea light!)

The couch we have in the living room is a dark grey/navy color, so lighter pillows would totally brighten up the room! I’m digging the combo of these pillows together. I love mixing all sorts of textures with pillows to make it look cozier! Here are my faves: IVORY TOODLE, WHIPSTITCHED, FAUX FUR, and SMOCKED DESIGN. I truly do think pillows are one of the most inexpensive upgrades you can make to help change the look of a room!

I am obsessed with this black and white SUCCULENT PRINT and want to add it to the gallery wall in the dining room. How freaking cute. Y’all know i’m a sucker for plants, so this print is perfect! The last thing on the wishlist is the WHITE PLANTER. I love how simple it is, but that it still has cool details. We have lots of plants in the house that need pots. Brennan told me I can’t buy any more plants until I find pots for the ones we have. You know I got online and started looking like a crazy woman for indoor planters. HA.

I hope this gives you some inspiration if you are also decorating (or redecorating like I always am)!! Comment below what your “decor style” is or what you are into! I love to see what people are loving at the moment!!

Chat soon,

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