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Decorating a home gets me feeling some sort of way. I think it all stems back to always helping my mom decorate and doing DIY projects with her. She’s super crafty and has a good eye for decor, so we used to constantly do these things together. Thanks for teaching me your ways, ma! I remember getting so excited years ago to decorate my dorm, then apartment after apartment, to now decorating the house we purchased last year. Let me just say that is has totally been a process, but I am so happy that I was patient and took my time.

I will definitely be doing a house tour soon, but for now, here are a sneak peak pictures!


Lets jump right in! My top tips on decorating a house on a budget:

  1. Wait to buy big ticket items during a sale!

Items like our couch, living room rug, dining room chandelier and dining room set were all bought during a holiday sale! Furniture stores and online shops like West Elm, All Modern, CB2, World Market and Living Spaces typically have 15-20% off on holiday weekends. Trust me when I say it’s hard to wait if you aren’t patient… but it is so worth the wait when you save tons of $$!

2. Be patient and buy things slowly!

We have been living in our house for close to a year now and still don’t have our house done completely. Yes, we have all of the big furniture items done, but we haven’t finished decorating the entire place yet. I think when you quickly buy, you aren’t able to buy unique pieces to fit the space. Plus, it allows you time to save, so you aren’t spending so much money at once.

3. Constantly stalk TJMaxx and Homegoods

The prices seriously can’t be beat. Sometimes going into one of these stores can be a shit show. Depending on the store location, it can be a complete mess or insanely cluttered. The reason I said constantly stalk the stores is because I feel like sometimes the stores have great finds and sometimes it’s complete junk. It honestly just depends on the shipment they get in that week. Learn to be a digger and look through the mess, it saves you the big bucks! Also, another tip… If anything has any sort of minor scratch, dent, or little damage, bring it to the front and ask for 10% off. No shame in my game. Some of my favorite items to get from these places are planters, pillows, benches, accent chairs, candles and baskets.

4. DIY your own potted plants

Purchasing live plants in planters can get very expensive! Get the same look and be able to customize the plant/planter combo by choosing your plant and finding an affordable pot. Home Depot and Lowes typically have a good selection of small succulents and house plants. Some of my faves are snake plants, cacti, aloe, and white bird of paradise. If I want more unique/ larger plants I go to my favorite plant shops in Nashville (Hewitt Plant and Design & Gardens of Babylon). Not only is this a cheaper option, but it makes it more custom and unique! I try and find planters at TJMaxx if possible, since they are much cheaper.

5. Keep the decor minimal

Yes, decorate your home, but do so in in a minimal way so that it doesn’t look like a cluttered mess. Not only will your home look more clean, but you wont spend tons of money on little knick-knacks.

6. Sign up for their email to get a coupon

Almost all online stores anymore have an automatic coupon that gets sent to you right after you sign up for their email subscription- use it! It’s free money! If you have already shopped at that specific place or have previously made an account on their site, use another email. We all have those emails that are old and loaded with spam. Put those bad boys to good use and save yourself some money!

7. DIY furniture

If the actual piece of furniture itself is still in pretty good shape either strip the paint and stain the wood or paint it and put new hardware on it. There are so many good hardware options that won’t break the bank. And lets be honest, painting and getting new hardware is way cheaper than buying a whole new piece of furniture. Go through a couple second hand furniture stores and see if you can find something the shape/size you are looking for. Just make sure that if you are going to try and strip the paint and stain the wood that it is actually real wood. Brennan and I will be doing a DIY soon that I will post!

I can’t wait to share a house tour soon, we just have a few more items to get before I do so! Stay tuned!

Chat soon,

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