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2 Books You Should Read… And I’m Starting A Book Club!

After going on vacation and reading two books, I remembered how much I love reading. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know how stupid that sounds. I used to read books more frequently, but over time life just seemed crazy and it fell to the bottom of the list. Also- let me note… I feel very strongly that you make time for what you perceive to be a priority. Reading seemed to fall short for a bit and getting away on a vacation allowed me to easily get back into it. With that being said, I definitely want to do more of it. For a while, I was reading at least a book a month. Well, because I made time for it.


I truly want to continue making time for it. As I was looking up new books to pick up, I started to think about starting a book club. My thoughts kind of went something like this… I need to find a new book, let’s check out these book reviews, **heads to Pinterest**, best reads of 2018, a shit ton of books come up, 2018 best book club reads, wait… book club, so what if I start a book club, yeah… that sounds like fun, yup, i’m starting a book club, types in how to start a book club on Pinterest. In a matter of about 60 seconds I had convinced myself that I was starting a book club! Which if you know me, is not something that is hard to do. Once I am set on doing something I jump right on it.

Why start a book club… you ask? We’ll I told myself that in 2018 I was going to put myself out there. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the naturally bubbly type. I can be in the right situation, but it’s not typical. I’ve written a post before on my personality being an “outgoing introvert” if you want to check it out here. Starting this blog, putting myself out there to meet new people, and putting myself in situations I’m not completely comfortable in, are all me working against me being an introvert. Starting a book club would essentially force me to step out of my comfort zone, while making myself a commitment to read! I’d call that a win-win. More details on the book club to come! I am thinking I will do a quarterly local book club, but also share about the book on here as well! Let me know if you are local and would be interested! ** I’m thinking a chill night with the girls, some snacks/treats, and chatting about life and the book of course, ha!** I think it would be a great way to meet new people!


Anyways, the two books I read were both incredible. Brennan and I each got a book to read while on vaca and I ended up reading both of ours. My pick was Girl, Wash Your Face and his was Seal of  God. Both books were inspiring in their own way. My pick was basically a list of lies people tell women that are not true. The stories  in the book that backed up the lies were so relatable. The book is a super quick read that leaves you wanting to be your best self! His pick on the other hand was a story of the tribulations of a man becoming a Navy SEAL and finding God. Not only was it fascinating to get a bit of insight on the training, but his mind-over-matter attitude was so inspiring. I highly recommend them!

Chat soon,

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